Life Coaching & Teaching

Picture your life as a unique, original and inspiring story.
What kind of a story are you creating?

Are you able to carry your dreams and ideals into reality?
Do you have a purpose large enough to animate the whole of your life?

As your Life Coach I build my work around communication, making connections, thoughts and ideas. I’m a storyteller, teacher and a psychologist, and I love to work with real imagination and understanding in areas of the mind that are the most personal or private: Depth Psychology.

To live creatively is to find your own way, create your own story, master your own life – even if this means going against the grain. If you desire to live a full and satisfying life, you must be vividly yourself. Many of us are afraid to be different, and the pressure to conform can be stifling.
Life coaching shows you how and where you can shine. Light your fire!

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